Individual Succulent Gift

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Order Information:

  • All Succulent Gifts will be shipped within 2 days of purchase
  • Each Gift includes a Rosette Succulent (Except "Kiss My Cactass" which comes with a cactass), Planter with chosen message, and corresponding Card (shown below).
  • Option to send a custom message at Checkout!

Cards - Included with each Succulent purchase

Life Would Succ Without You

This is a classic and our best seller. The perfect gift for anyone you are grateful to have in your life. Show them how much they mean to you!

Plant one on me Succa

This one is the PERFECT gift for your significant other or crush that you want to make a move on but are too shy to do in person.


This card is unlike any other we offer! Perfect for the one who broke your heart this year. Let them know how you really feel and they will regret the way they treated you!

I'M A Succa for You

This card is slightly flirty but not as forward as other options. Shoot your shot and give them a sweet gift they'll remember forever!

Kiss My Cactass

Unleash your bad b*sh energy with this Card. Ideal for anyone who did you dirty this year. Also the perfect gift for your bold friend who does not care about how many heart's they’ll break.


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Containers with drainage holes are recommended. The pots included with each succulent have a drainage hole which allows excess water to escape. The bamboo saucer catches the excess water that drains out of the pot.


Most succulents like full or partial sun. When outdoors, afternoon shade is preferred, especially in summer. When indoors, place succulents by a sunny window or under grow lights. Stretching, greening, or fading means the plant needs more light.


Only water when soil is completely dry. Drench the soil; don't use a spray bottle. Under-watered plants have limp, wrinkled leaved; overwatered plants have mushy, translucent top leaves. Increase watering frequency in summer and reduce in winter.